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What is 'Oikotekton'?

Oikotekton is an alias for Thanos N. Stasinopoulos and his work on environmentally sustainable building design.

The name Oikotekton blends the Greek words Oikologia (=Ecology, or Science of our Home Earth) and Architekton (=Architect, or Master Builder) to denote the essence of its domain.

Here there are assorted samples of TNS applied and theoretical work in that field, along with a few articles on the essential link between architecture and nature.


Why '4-D architecture'?

This motto underlines the strong Oikotekton belief that architectural design should address not only 2D visual expressions and 3D spatial & structural relationships, but also the many aspects of time, like diurnal or seasonal changes, functional alterations, material ageing, or building lifecycle, treating buildings as living mechanisms rather than just aesthetic or functional objects.

Furthermore, the very notion of sustainability is associated with time, the future in particular. The future of architecture as a manifestation of social and environmental change is not a key issue of mainstream architectural theory today; it is however a major concern of Oikotekton works.


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architecture projects    
  TNS works Thanos N. Stasinopoulos works

A brief collection of architecture projects by TNS.
One or two images for each project with a short description.
More info on some of the projects is below.
  Selected projects TNS selected projects
Details on 20 selected projects 1978-2009.
  Blutopia Blutopia
2008 holiday complex in Tinos

A group of 7 villas built on a hill on Tinos island, near Mykonos.
  The Oil Barrel Project
2007 ARES-UIA competition entry

A pragmatic proposal for emergency settlements in oil-producing tropical countries that encompasses both technical and social aspects aiming at sensible sustainability.
2003 country lodge near Athens

A spacious residence near Athens with several environment-conscious features blended with a minimalist spirit.
  Andreas house
2001 project in Crete

A detached holiday house with straightforward provisions for cross-ventilation and protected outdoor living areas, constructed in 5 months thanks to the simple design.
Ilioupolis square
2001 competition entry
Greek text only

A scheme in a dense urban area of Athens with extensive use of water for outdoor cooling, alongside other features that underline the natural elements.
[Greek text with images]
  ecological dwelling
1999 competition entry

A semi-detached house near Athens where the entire metal roof is an opaque solar collector for ventilation preheat; heated air passes through the floor to deposit heat.
conference papers    
  PLEA 2015 The need for architectural materialism
2015 conference paper

[lecture PPoint here]
A contemplation on the need to balance virtual and physical reality in architecture education.
  PLEA 2011 Assessing building forms through Envelope-to-Volume ratio
2011 conference paper
An analytical survey on the surface-to-volume ratios of various rectangular building forms and their effects on incident solar energy.


Blending Green & Black:
cool urban design in Athens

2009 conference paper
[lecture PPoint here]
This paper presents a street pattern that could enhance greenery in dense areas of Athens as well as in many other urban areas twithout much greenery.


Contemplating sustainability
2008 conference paper
This paper points to a number of current trends and contradictions indicating that current green initiatives can delay an environmental and social collapse but not stop it.
  The 4 elements of Santorini architecture
2006 conference paper

[lecture PPoint here]
An account of the relation between a highly praised vernacular built environment and the local environmental conditions, using a 'fire-water-air-earth' approach.
  Teaching sustainable architecture in non-sustainable societies
2005 conference paper
English+Greek text
A review of the distance between current architectural education and the pressing need for a sustainable restructure of academic curricula and societies too.
  Solar irradiation graphs
2005 conference paper
A collection of polar graphs illustrating monthly solar irradiation according to orientation and tilt in Athens; useful for quick estimations of solar input on various building surfaces or for positioning solar collectors.
  Neglected aspects of solar input through the building envelope
2002 conference paper
An account of solar heat transmitted through opaque roofs and walls, showing the importance of a usually neglected energy aspect in building design.
  Sunny walls vs. sunnier roofs
2001 conference paper
A comparison of solar irradiation on vertical and horizontal building surfaces, showing that roofs offer a higher potential for solar collection than equator-facing walls.
  Form insolation index
1998 conference paper
A presentation of the quantitative effects of shape on incident radiation in London, Athens & Riyadh areas, as part of ongoing PhD research.
  20 years after
1993 conference paper
English+Greek text
A review of the limited acceptance of environment conscious design by mainstream architecture 20 years after the energy crisis of the 70s, in spite of the growing environmental degradation.
  solar envelope
AutoCAD application
A process to delimit a 3D surface over a plot that does not shade adjacent land, allowing for unobstructed solar access all year; a useful tool for solar urban design.
  shading devices optimization
AutoCAD application
A process to define the minimum portion of a 3D surface over an opening that offers full shading during a given period.
articles & lectures    
  A letter to Manolis

A letter to Manolis
De profundis thoughts on architecture

A 1982 'confession' about TNS views on architecture.
Valid to this day.


Meat or fish? -thoughts on green buildings
2009 article
Greek text only
An article in the e-magazine questioning the meaning of 'green' buildings.


The genie -a fairy tale casting light on some other tales
2009 article
An article originally published in the e-magazine on the futility of consumerism with a green dress on.


When will architecture face the future?
2008 lecture in Greece
Greek text only
The lecture refers to current conditions of green architecture in Greece and projects current trends into the future showing that further measures are necessary.


Towards a Hangover Architecture
2007 lecture in Lebanon
English+Greek text
The lecture presents a 'think-kit' for sustainable designers after our wild consumerist 'party' is over, when a more sober approach to architecture will be an inevitable necessity.
  Function, Fiction, Friction
2003 lecture in Lebanon

English+Greek text
A distress signal about environmental degradation and non-sustainable aims of today's societies, going 30 years back & forth in time, calling for a reassessment of architectural education.
  The blue volcano
Santorini architecture intro
A brief review of Santorini vernacular architecture, originally used as a study trip companion.
  Kishinev green city

Chișinău: the green city
A brief journey to a museum of Modernist urban design
English+Greek text

A 2009 article published in magazine.
  The white measles

The white measles
Buildings in the Aegean countryside
English+Greek text

A 2010 article published in magazine.
  After the bubble gums

After the bubble gums
Architecture before and after the crisis
English+Greek text

A 2010 article published in magazine.
  The fever of the naked emperor

The fever of the naked emperor
Brain health and architecture
English+Greek text

A 2010 article published in magazine.
  Barriers everywhere

Barriers, barriers everywhere
Fear as an architectural issue
English+Greek text

A 2010 article published in magazine.
  Scenarios for the future

Scenarios for the future
Thoughts after the first decade of the 21st century
English+Greek text

A 2011 article published in magazine.
  We are animals

“We are animals”
A poetic incident
English+Greek text

A 2011 article published in magazine.
  TNS CV Curriculum Vitae Most recent TNS résumé.